Structure of research and impact plan: Flagship Programme call 4 2023

Submit the research plan as a PDF appendix in the Academy’s online services on the tab ‘Research and impact plan’. Read the call text carefully before you start writing the plan. Also, familiarise yourself with the review guidelines and review form.

The research and impact plan must be no more than 20 pages long. The paper size is A4. The font is Source Sans Pro (font size 12 pt, line spacing 1 and margins 20 mm). All bibliographic references must be added directly into the text, for example as follows: (author(s) year) or [number]. You must not use footnotes.

The instructions and structure provided must be followed to ensure the equal treatment of applicants. Please use the headings provided.

The plan should describe the scientific excellence and impact of the candidate flagship between 2021 and 2022 as well as a plan for promoting excellence and impact between 2023 and 2027.

See the how-to guides for the online services for the technical instructions.

1. Basic details

1.1 Flagship details

Name and abbreviation of candidate flagship; director and vice director; host organisation(s)


2. Central idea

2.1 Description of central idea

Anticipated future prospects or factors on which the central idea is based; 3–5 key objectives for the flagship term 2024–2031; brief description of the central idea from the perspectives of research and impact; added value generated; support provided by the candidate flagship for building internationally competitive competence centres and ecosystems in Finland

3. Demonstrated scientific excellence and impact in support of economic growth and/or society

3.1 Description of demonstrated excellence and impact

Previous research on the topic and results in an international comparison as well as demonstrated impacts originating from the previous research; brief description of the competence and merits of key researchers and impact experts; brief description of connections to innovation networks and ecosystems as well as to other actors important for generating impact

4. Plan for promoting scientific excellence and impact in support of economic growth and/or society

4.1 Descrption of plan for promoting excellence and impact

Scientific and impact objectives of the research, justifications and follow-up; expected scientific results, new initiatives, breakthrough potential and scientific impact together with expected contribution to society in its various forms and routes to impact; implementation of the plan, approaches, methods, new initiatives, data, schedule, risk management and mitigation

4.2 Consideration of responsible science

Consideration of aspects related to open science, research ethics, equality and non-discrimination, and sustainable development objectives

5. Ecosystem and organisation

5.1 Description of ecosystem and organisation

Links to host organisation’s strategic priorities; description of host organisations’ roles, flagship management and administrative structures; key collaborators and their roles together with a description of active collaborations with the business sector and possibly with other sectors of society; description of the innovation orientation of the environment; actions to increase the appeal of the competence cluster/research environment

6. References

The list (no more than 2 pages) does not count towards the length of the plan. Please note that the text type, font size and line spacing of the list are the same as elsewhere in the plan.

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