Funding for research post as Academy Research Fellow, all research fields

3 Sep 2019
26 Sep 2019 at 16.15 Finnish time
1 September 2020–31 August 2025
  • Over the five-year term, the salary grant amounts to 438 874 euros per Academy Research Fellow , which corresponds to a monthly salary of 5,000 euros. The funding recipients may later apply for funding for research costs with a separate application.
  • The applicant is an independent researcher with 3–9 years of experience since completing their doctoral degree at the end of the call deadline.

The aim of the funding for posts as Academy Research Fellow is to support researchers in gaining competence for demanding research positions and establishing their status as independent researchers in the international research community. A post as Academy Research Fellow provides a researcher with a good and diverse opportunity to work independently on their research and to contribute to developing the research in their field.

As an Academy Research Fellow, you are encouraged to engage in international research collaboration and mobility across international and sectoral borders. Successful applicants will have been engaged in successful scientific publication and collaboration since gaining their doctoral degree.

Before you write your application in the online services (SARA), make sure to carefully read the call text below as well as the Read more section, especially the funding terms and conditions. If the call text and the funding terms and conditions conflict, the terms and conditions should always be considered primary.

Read the full call text below.Click on the link below to print the text or save it in PDF format.

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