Ask and Apply

Ask & Apply

The Academy of Finland’s Ask & Apply roadshow will not be organised in 2020. Instead of visiting universities and research institutes in Finland to present the September call, we will organise online Ask & Apply info sessions.

The sessions will be organised as 10–15-minute webinars focusing on a specific theme. There will also be time for questions after the presentations. The webinars are open to everyone (i.e. they are not campus-specific) and can be viewed for two weeks.

Ask & Apply webinars 2020

Videos from previous Ask & Apply tours

The videos are approximately 2 minutes long.

    • The first video presents the basics of Academy of Finland funding.
    • The second video shows where to find the call texts and the application guidelines.
    • The third video goes into the details of the online application and the different parts of the research plan.
    • The fourth video explains the peer review process and how it is linked to the structure of the application


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