Commitment by site of research

The use, payment and supervision of funding granted by the Research Council of Finland is governed by the Finnish Act on Discretionary Government Transfers, the Research Council's funding terms and conditions and special conditions mentioned in the Research Council's funding decision. The funding terms and conditions are the same irrespective of whether the funding involves a government organisation or a recipient of discretionary government grants.

The site of research is the applicant’s background organisation (e.g. university, research institute or research organisation). The site manages the funding and undertakes to act as the recipient of the discretionary government transfer or the funding on behalf of the applicant, and to assume all duties related thereto.

When the site of research commits to the application, it undertakes to use the funding for the granted purpose in compliance with the Research Council's funding terms and conditions. The conditions for the use of the funding are summarised in the Research Council of Finland’s funding terms and conditions, which are available on the Research Council's website.

The site of research undertakes to

  • ensure that the funding application submitted to the Research Council and the project funded by the Research Council comply with the legislation in force
  • secure the necessary basic facilities for the project (incl. costs of immediate open access to peer-reviewed articles). Though determined based on the nature of the research, they are usually the same as those available to other research staff at the institution.
  • ensure that the data management plan can be implemented at the site of research, and that the measures comply with good data management practice
  • commit to the co-funded activity by contributing their percentage of the costs
  • annually submit to the Research Council (via the online services) data on the calculated cost items based on the site’s (the recipient of the government grant) financial statements
  • ensure that staff hired with Research Council research funding are primarily in an employment relationship to their site of research
  • to hire the Academy Research Fellow full-time and to ensure that the recipient of Academy Research Fellow funding is able to commit fully to research and non-research tasks that are important for a professional research career
  • follow the guidelines of the Finnish Advisory Board on Research Integrity (Responsible conduct of research and procedures for handling allegations of misconduct in Finland (PDF)) and ALLEA’s (All European Academies) European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity when engaging in international collaboration
  • submit to the Research Council's Registrar’s Office the final report of any investigations concerning violation of good scientific practice by the PI or a researcher of a project funded by the Research Council.
  • notify the Research Council without undue delay of convictions or financial sanctions due to use of illegal labour
  • comply with restrictive measures imposed on Russia and Belarus by the European Union or the United Nations concerning the economy and financing, which are in force in the European Union.

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