Review and decision-making

The Academy of Finland stresses the importance of the quality and impact of research and the renewal of science in all research funding. This aim is based on our strategy. Our objective is to support scientifically ambitious projects. High-level international peer review is our key tool for identifying the best and most promising research projects.

The Strategic Research Council (SRC) established within the Academy funds solution-oriented and phenomenon-driven research. The projects to be funded must have societal relevance and impact and be of a high scientific standard. Interaction with society is of key importance throughout the projects’ funding periods. The scientific quality and societal relevance of projects are peer reviewed by both national and international experts.

After a call closes, Academy officials prepare the review of applications. They also check the applications and request necessary corrections. How applications are processed and reviewed depends on whether they are submitted in a one-stage or two-stage call.

As a rule, all applications are peer reviewed by international panels. Review panels assemble to discuss the applications and the applicants’ scientific merits. They draft a panel review report for each application. Additionally, the panels rank the applications that have received the best ratings.

After the review, members of the Academy’s decision-making bodies go through the review reports and applications. Funding decisions are prepared in preparatory meetings. The decisions are made after a presentation in the decision meetings. As a rule, the funding decisions are based on the peer review of the applications and the science policy objectives of the Academy.

In all our research funding, we are committed to following responsible procedures with regard to disqualification, secrecy and responsible science, that is, equality and nondiscrimination, research ethics, open science, sustainable development and responsible research assessment.

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Figure 1. Application review and decision-making at the Academy of Finland, exemplified by the September call.

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