Progress report

If the applicant is the principal investigator of an Academy-funded project that has not been through final reporting, a progress report must be appended to the application, drafted according to the following structure:

Title: Progress report(s) on PI’s projects

Name of applicant, number of application

Progress report 

If there are several reports, put each project separately in the same appendix.

  • key project details: decision number, project title, type of funding, amount of funding granted, funding period
  • project publications thus far: number of all publications and publications in refereed international publications; bibliographic data for key publications
  • composition of research team funded within the project: number of researchers, names of full-time researchers
  • short description of project’s progress (max. 2500 characters)
  • how the funding being applied for applies to this project (in brief)

The progress report must be drafted in the same language as the application. The progress report(s) is (are) appended as a single document to the application in the online services. Name the attachment file as follows: yoursurname_report.

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