Our aim

Researchers need a wide range of experience from working in different research environments to be able to increase their independence. By working in different kinds of research groups or in other research-related positions, researchers can further strengthen their personal networks and improve their chances of securing research positions or other expert tasks.

For today’s researchers, it is also important to be able to acquire new methodological skills and adopt new means of communicating with people with different backgrounds.

Wide-ranging expertise can help to increase the impact of research and promote science renewal, which are among the Research Council of Finland’s most important strategic objectives in addition to improving scientific quality.

We encourage international researcher mobility. Our funding can be used within the limits of the funding period for research spells abroad and for returning to Finland. International mobility and other international collaboration is of particular importance to early-career researchers in improving the quality of their research and supporting their career development.

In assessing the scientific merits of a funding application, the reviewers consider the international and national collaborative contacts and research mobility presented in the application.

In the online services on the tab ‘Mobility’, applicants shall describe the mobility planned within the project. The mobility must be associated with the implementation of the project. Mobility spells should contribute to implementing the research plan.

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