What we are

The Academy of Finland is an expert organisation in science and research that funds high-quality scientific research, provides expertise in science and science policy and strengthens the position of science and research. We are a government agency within the administrative branch of the Finnish Ministry of Education, Science and Culture.

Our tasks:

  • grant funding in open competitive calls for scientific research and researcher training and improve framework conditions for research
  • provide expertise to Finnish and international collaborative networks
  • collect and analyse data on science and scientific research
  • assume other science policy expert roles.

We promote excellent, responsible and high-impact research to ensure that society can make the best possible use of the results. Our goal is the renewal, diversification and increasing internationalisation of Finnish research. Our activities cover the full spectrum of scientific disciplines.

We promote the impact and renewal of research by encouraging researchers to submit boundary-crossing funding plans that involve risks but are of high scientific quality.

We produce high-quality data and analyses and support the use of scientific knowledge in policymaking. We increase national expertise by promoting research and by collecting and opening data. Our work supports the renewal of the Finnish society with knowledge and know-how.

We also collaborate with key stakeholders to improve the quality and impact of research, education and innovation.

In 2021, our funding for research amounts to 437 million euros. Each year, our funding contributes to some 3,000 people’s work (FTEs) at universities and research institutes. Some of our funds come from proceeds of Finland’s national gaming company Veikkaus. In 2021, these proceeds accounted for around 41 million euros of our total funding for scientific research.

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