Public project description

If your project is granted funding, we will publish a description of the project at, a service that makes available information on scientific research conducted in Finland.

The description is the one you provided in the application. Finnish- or Swedish-speaking applicants write the descriptions in Finnish or Swedish. All applicants must also write a project description in English.

The project description helps the Research Council of Finland and researchers to communicate the funded research to a mainstream audience. The description should therefore be as readable as possible and written for a nonscientific audience.

The Finnish or Swedish title of the research project or topic should be as understandable and nonscientific as possible. It may be different from the English title.

It is important to pay attention to the comprehensibility of the title, because the title is the first thing people will see when seeking information on funded research projects. The title may also have a significant impact on the overall interest in the research topic to be funded.

We will use the project description in our communication about the research project. 

The maximum length of the description is 1,000 characters including spaces.

It should contain the following information:

  • Your research topic and why have you chosen it
  • Data and research methods you will use (interviews, statistical data, archive resources, etc.)
  • Where the research will be carried out
  • Significance and objectives of the research from the perspectives of society and science
  • Any other interesting aspects
  • If relevant, link to your website, if it contains more information on the topic
  • You can also add references to previous (open access) publications.

Please note that we will not edit project descriptions – as the applicant, you are responsible for the content, clarity and style of the description. You may edit the project description before you accept the funding.

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