Funding for research teams

Academy Project funding

The Academy Project funding scheme is designed to promote the quality and diversity of research, scientific impact and impact beyond academia as well as science self-renewal. The aim is to attain internationally as high a scientific standard of work as possible and to support scientific breakthroughs and top-tier international research collaboration. When you apply for Academy Project funding, you apply for funding to hire a research team.

Applications for Academy Project funding are invited in the winter call.

Academy Programme funding

Academy Programmes are research programmes funded by the Research Council of Finland. They consist of science-driven, thematic and target-oriented research projects that aim at supporting scientific regeneration and increasing scientific and societal impact. Academy Programmes support multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research of the highest quality, promote networking between researchers and provide platforms for international research cooperation. Academy Programme funding is granted for at least for years.

Centres of Exellence funding

The objective of the Research Council of Finland’s Centre of Excellence programmes is to create framework conditions for groups of research teams and to promote opportunities for scientific breakthrough. A Centre of Excellence (CoE) is a research and training network that has a clearly defined set of research objectives and is run under a joint management. Funding is provided for an eight-year term, which means that CoEs can work to long-term plans and even take risks.

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