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The Research Council of Finland is an information management entity referred to in the Finnish Act on Information Management in Public Administration.

To comply with the principle of openness, we maintain a description of our data repositories and case register as referred to in the Act. The purpose of this description is to help citizens submit requests for access to official documents as required under the Act on the Openness of Government Activities.

Under the Act on the Openness of Government Activities, no charge is levied for the provision of access to a document (a document in the public domain, parties’ right of access) under certain conditions.

A charge will be levied for the provision of information in the form of a copy or printout (pursuant to sections 9 and 11), corresponding to the amount of the costs incurred by the authority in providing the information, unless a lower charge is provided for separately.

According to the preparatory work (government proposal) on the Act, a charge may be levied for the provision of information when a copy of a document is provided. A copy also means, for example, an electronic copy of a document created by means of automatic data processing. A charge may also be levied when the information is provided as a printout or via a technical access connection.

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