Promotion of equality and non-discrimination at the Academy of Finland

The core values that guide the Academy of Finland are openness, transparency, reliability, equality and non-discrimination. We fund high-quality, high-impact and innovative research in a responsible manner. In the context of responsible science, we take into account equality and nondiscrimination.

We actively contribute to the building of a transparent research ecosystem free of structures or operating models that treat people differently on the basis of gender or other personal characteristics. Equality and non-discrimination are among the most important horizontal principles of a transparent research ecosystem.

When it comes to equality and nondiscrimination, responsible science has to do with promoting equality and nondiscrimination in research projects or in society at large.

Academy of Finland’s equality and non-discrimination policy

  • ensuring a balanced representation of the sexes
    • in the composition of decision-making bodies
    • among beneficiaries
    • measures aimed also at achieving a more even gender distribution in research consortia’s managerial roles: for example, in 2018, the Strategic Research Council added to its funding principles a balanced gender composition of consortia’s management or evidence of steps towards a more balanced gender distribution during the funding period
    • among the Academy’s candidates for various kinds of committees and Finland’s representatives in international organisations
    • among speakers and panellists at Academy events, nominees for Academy of Finland Awards and researchers featured on the Academy’s website or in interactions with the media

  • eliminating and preventing structural inequality
    • the Academy can grant flexibility in funding periods to allow for a better work–life balance
    • the mobility criterion associated with the Academy’s research funding facilitates networking and thereby promotes more varied career paths

  • actively supporting the gender perspective and promoting nondiscrimination in research
    • the Academy only funds research that promotes gender equality and non-discrimination
    • the Academy’s assessments take into account whether proposed research projects promote equality and non-discrimination within the project organisation or in society in general: for example, the assessment process and the assessment form include questions about how projects promote gender equality and non-discrimination
    • the Academy’s decisions factor in whether proposed research projects promote equality and non-discrimination within the project organisation or in society in general and whether the decisions support the careers of female scientists
    • the Academy systematically incorporates the principles of gender equality into the composition of its review panels and pursues a balanced gender distribution of experts
    • the effects of the Academy’s funding on equality and non-discrimination are tracked through statistics and studies

  • setting an example through the Academy’s work and development efforts as well as networking

Academy of Finland Equality and Non-Discrimination Plan (2019–2020)

The Academy of Finland’s Equality and Non-Discrimination Plan applies to beneficiaries of the Academy’s research funding as well as to employees of the Academy’s Administration Office. The latest version of the Equality and Non-Discrimination Plan was adopted by the Academy Board in August 2019, and it covers the period from 1 January 2019 to 31 December 2020.

The next review of the Equality and Non-Discrimination Plan is scheduled for 2021.

The plan covers gender equality as well as discrimination within the meaning of the Finnish Non-discrimination Act: No one may be discriminated against on the basis of age, origin, nationality, language, religion, belief, opinion, state of health, disability, sexual orientation or other personal characteristics. Harassment also counts as discrimination.

Academy of Finland’s measures for promoting equality and non-discrimination in 2019–2020

Measures for promoting equality and non-discrimination in the Academy of Finland’s research funding operations and Administration Office operations
1. Design tools for systematic data collection on progress towards equality and non-discrimination in the Academy’s research funding and personnel operations and develop follow-up indicators
2. Develop communications and training about equality and non-discrimination
3. Promote equality and non-discrimination through the concepts and terminology used by the Academy
Measures for promoting equality and non-discrimination in operations and services
4. Identify measures to facilitate the balancing of work and family life and to support women’s research careers in all funding schemes
5. Assess the impact of the mobility requirement on the number and gender distribution of applicants
Measures for promoting equality and non-discrimination among Administration Office personnel
6. Promote equality and non-discrimination in career advancement and pay
7. Improve the work environment by means of accessible office solutions

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