Research Council of Finland strategy 2030

Our vision

Bold research for Finland and the world

Our mission

To open up new avenues for excellent, responsible and high-impact research

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Our strategic impact objectives

The Research Council of Finland works to advance:

New scientific breakthroughs and solutions for the benefit of whole society

Finland delivers world-leading research in several fields.

The breadth and diversity as well as the impact of research done in Finland are enhanced by open competition for research ideas and measured scientific risk-taking.

Strategic choices of research funding and innovative new lines of research contribute to solving broad common challenges. The transition from research to research utilisation is seamless.

Capacity of research for renewal and reform

Cooperation in the Finnish RDI field is systemic. Long-term scientific research is a strong and central part of a balanced RDI funding system.

Competitive researchers, research environments and competence centres as well as high-level research infrastructures contribute to the renewal of science and society.

Multidisciplinary cooperation and international engagement raise the quality of research and create new scientific questions, research and research fields.

The Finnish scientific community is a pioneer of responsible science.

Better and higher-impact skills and competence

RDI positions in Finland are increasingly held by high-level experts with a doctoral degree.

Finland is among the world leaders in research-based knowledge and competence. We also have the know-how needed to use information from outside sources and to respond to unforeseen skills and competence demands.

To meet these impact objectives:

We will continue to develop our practices and procedures

  • We will work to build a balanced and up-to-date funding system, to sharpen the goals of our funding programmes and to develop effective steering mechanisms.
  • We will improve our ability to support innovative and scientifically high-risk new lines of research.
  • We will work to strengthen interaction between knowledge producers and knowledge users, in close collaboration with other RDI stakeholders.
  • We will engage in international collaborations with strategically selected partners.
  • We will work actively to influence the planning of EU and Nordic programmes and to improve the prospects of Finnish-based researchers to succeed in EU funding calls.
  • We will deliver a high-quality, international-standard service experience.

In the workplace we are inspired and we grow and develop collectively

  • We will work together, continue to learn and boldly try out new ideas.
  • We will maintain a positive atmosphere and look after each other’s well-being in the workplace.
  • We will continue to develop the diversity of our workplace.

Our organisation is modern and up-to-date

  • We will streamline our operational structure with a view to maintaining a well-performing, low-hierarchy organisation with a clear management system.
  • We will create and offer meaningful jobs, build interesting career paths and strengthen our appeal as an employer.
  • We will facilitate day-to-day work performance by making use of digitalisation and the best possible tools.

Our values

Our core values are openness, transparency, reliability, equality and nondiscrimination.


  • Liisa Savunen, Director, Division of Strategic Planning and Analysis, tel. +358 295 335 122

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