Research funding and expertise

The Academy of Finland offers competitive peer-reviewed research funding and actively contributes its science policy expertise to advance the quality and impact of scientific research, support the renewal of science and develop research environments in Finland.

The role of science and research

Science and its results have both intrinsic and instrumental value. For example, science provides a sound basis for knowledge and an understanding of the world, sustainable welfare and wealth, informed decision-making, better education and the improvement of practice. The pressing need to resolve issues related to climate change and other sustainability challenges, for instance, highlights the many crucial roles of science. Scientific research, research-based competencies and various applications of scientific knowledge are closely interwoven.

The Academy’s values and principles

The core values guiding the Academy in all its activities are openness, transparency, reliability, equality and non-discrimination.

Responsibility is a cross-cutting principle in the Academy’s operation as well as in all Academy-funded research.

In the context of the Finnish research, education and innovation system, the Academy works closely with other stakeholders and the wider society.

The Academy funds high-quality, high-impact and innovative research

Science is made by people. Academy research funding is open to application from all scientists and researchers. Our funding decisions are based on an international peer review process that is constantly being improved.  The single most important criterion for the Academy is the high quality of research.

Research has multiple impacts both within science and in the wider society. The channels, targets and timespans of these impacts vary. In many fields of research, impact is considered integral to scientific quality. Science renews itself in many ways, such as by identifying new research topics, creating new research communities and developing new approaches, concepts and methods. Open science, data management and analysis and research infrastructures are gaining ever greater significance in almost all disciplines. International exchange and cooperation are crucial to high-quality research.

The Academy produces information about science and research

The Academy works closely with other stakeholders to produce information and analyses about science and research and in this way contributes to more informed science policy decision-making.

Expertise and know-how

The Academy of Finland’s operation depends on the expertise of its officials, staff members and outside reviewers. An ongoing commitment to improving staff skills and wellbeing in the workplace supports the Academy’s self-renewal and responsible and interactive engagement with the science and research community and the wider society.


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