Media services

Are you a journalist? Or are you just looking for information on the Academy of Finland? Whatever your question or query, you can get in touch with the experts at the Academy’s Communication Services.

Contact us by email at viestinta(at) or via Questions and feedback on our website.

Click on the ‘Staff directory’ link below to find the Academy official you are looking for.

Xpert Search

Xpert Search ( is a free service for journalists to find experts to consult, interview or provide background information.

The service collaborates with all Finnish universities and nearly all research institutes. Xpert Search is maintained by the Academy of Finland.

Image and media bank

All images in the Academy of Finland’s media bank can be used freely. The media bank includes portraits, event photographs, logos, brochures and videos. Other images can be obtained by emailing us at viestinta(at)

The media bank is constantly updated with new images and other media. If you use our images, please mention the source and the photographer in the format Copyright Academy of Finland, Jane Doe.

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