Academy Programmes

Academy Programmes are thematic, target-oriented and coordinated research programmes that cover a range of activities to support innovative, high-quality and high-impact research and promote international and national research cooperation.

Academy Programmes may have different focuses:

  • advancing emerging fields of research
  • supporting research related to societal challenges
  • promoting national and international funding cooperation
  • supporting Finnish researchers in seeking international collaborations and funding opportunities
  • influencing the contents of international funding calls, for example.

The topics of Academy Programmes are often science-driven and may emerge from key research needs in society identified through foresighting.

The Board of the Research Council of Finland decides on the start-up and financial resources of new Academy Programmes. The funding is granted for a minimum of four years. There are six Academy Programmes running in 2024.

    Bio Future 2025
    BioFuture2025 seeks innovative ideas and novel ways to do research that opens up new avenues for advances in the field of bioeconomy. The aim is to move towards a biobased economy that will help curb climate change and the overexploitation of...
    The Academy Programme for Climate Change and Carbon Neutrality Research (Climate-Synergy) examines the impacts of climate change both in the environment and in society and seeks solutions to promote a carbon-neutral future. The programme pools...
    Kriittiset materiaalit kaupunkien kiertotaloudessa-logo
    Romulus explores the occurrence and chemical composition and properties of critical metals, integrating this with research on the circular economy of cities. The programme examines processes, products and services that are based on sustainable...
    DEVELOP2, the Academy Programme for Development Research, is a research programme jointly funded by the Academy of Finland and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. The programme will provide funding for multidisciplinary, phenomenon-driven...
    Active logo
    The Academy Programme for sport science and physical activity ACTIVE advances the quality, renewal, and impact of research in sport science. The programme generates new knowledge to promote physical activity by directing funding to high-quality,...
    Resilience-akatemiaohjelman logo
    The aim of the Academy Programme Pandemics and Other Crises – Responses and Preparedness (RESILIENCE) is to support and accelerate research into the COVID-19 pandemic and other societal crises and to support the utilisation of that research in...

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