How applications are reviewed

The web pages about the review process will be updated during autumn 2023 before the call texts of the winter call are published. Read more about what changes the winter call will bring in our press release.

In accordance with its strategy and in all its research funding, the Research Council of Finland stresses the importance of the quality and impact of research and the renewal of science. Research Council funding is based on competition and international peer review. As a rule, the participating experts are esteemed international researchers in their field or otherwise regarded as peers regarding the application.

In general the applications are reviewed in field-specific or thematic international expert meetings, i.e. panels. If the theme of the application is multidisciplinary, it may be reviewed in two different panels. Applications that cannot be reviewed by any of the panels are reviewed by at least two independent experts. Independent experts may also be asked for a review report to support a panel. If it becomes apparent in the panel meeting that the panel’s expertise is not sufficient to review an application, we try to attain a review from an independent expert after the meeting.

Thematic programme calls, such as Academy Programme funding and strategic research funding, are typically two-stage calls. Therefore their review processes may differ from the aforementioned. Reviews in the thematic programme calls also assess how the application matches the programme objectives. The applications for strategic research funding are reviewed separately for their societal relevance and impact as well as scientific quality. The members in strategic research panels include both national and international experts in science and societal relevance.

Additionally, the Academy offers funding that cannot be applied for annually or that can be applied for by a research organisation. These include Centre Of Excellence Programmes, funding for research post as Academy Professor, funding to strengthen university research profiles, research infrastructure funding and international co-funded programmes, which have a tailor-made review to match each call’s objectives. The review processes for different funding instruments are described in the call text or on the funding instrument’s website. In international calls, such as ERA-NET joint calls, the review process may be carried out outside the Research Council in accordance with the agreement for the international network of research funders.

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