2024 NSF program: Global Centers (GC) Use-Inspired Research Address-ing Global Challenges through the Bioeconomy

13 Mar 2024
11 Jun 2024
3 M€
5 years, e.g. 1 Jan 2025– 13 Dec 2029
  • In this call, the application procedure differs from a typical Research Council of Finland call. Please study the procedure in detail before preparing to apply.
  • In this call, applicants from Finland can participate in the NSF funding opportunity ‘Global Centers (GC) Use-Inspired Research Addressing Global Challenges through the Bioeconomy’ via proposals submitted to the NSF between 13 March and 11 June 2024. Intention to Submit is emailed as early as possible to the RCF at flagship@aka.fi
  • The funding to be distributed through this call depends on the Finnish Parliament’s decision to allocate the necessary funds to the Research Council of Finland in its budget for 2024. In case of delays in the processing of the applications resulting in the need to commit the RCF’s budget for 2025 to this call, the funding to be distributed will depend on the Finnish Parliament’s decision to allocate the necessary funds to the RCF in its budget for 2025.
  • The RCF is prepared to fund the Finnish components of the collaborative projects selected from this multilateral joint call with a maximum of 3 million euros in total in 2024. The maximum funding for the Finnish partner of an up to five-year project is 3,000,000 euros.
  • RCF funding will be granted only for proposals that are selected for funding in the NSF call and are selected for funding by the RCF.

The National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Research Council of Finland (RCF) collaborate via a Lead Agency Opportunity, in which the NSF acts as the Lead Agency. In this approach, proposers from both/all countries will collaborate to write a single proposal. It is the responsibility of the US proposer to submit the proposal to the appropriate NSF programme for review. Researchers from Finland participating in the joint research project will apply for funding separately from the RCF in accordance with the guidelines and procedures provided in this call text.

For all the details on this grant opportunity, see the NSF Global Centers website

The application procedure should be studied in detail before starting preparations to apply. The following steps are included in the application procedure for applicants from Finland:

  1. Intention to Submit is emailed to the RCF at flagship@aka.fi
  2. RCF pre-assesses the eligibility of the Finland component of the proposed research consortium.
  3. The US proposer submits the final proposal to the appropriate NSF program for review. The proposal is reviewed in accordance with the NSF review criteria. RCF has agreed to accept the assessments of the NSF regarding the suitability for funding of individual proposals. The proposal is reviewed in accordance with the standard NSF review criteria.
  4. If the project is selected for funding by the NSF, the RCF decides whether it will support the Finnish subproject and if so, invites the applicant to submit application to the RCF.

The overall goal of the program is to increase research collaboration between Finland, US and the other participating countries of the program. This collaboration aims to generate valuable discoveries and innovations that will lead to enhancements in multiple areas of science and technology and that are within the goals and interests of the program. From the perspective of RCF, all proposals submitted under the auspices of this program must have significant research involvement from researchers from at least Finland and the US. In Finland, the Partnership is managed by the RCF Flagship Program Subcommittee. The Subcommittee oversees the strategic and operational aspects of the Finnish partners and guides, monitors, and evaluates their collaborative efforts.

To be eligible for consideration for RCF funding within the programme, support will be provided on relevant thematic areas in which Finland has widespread demonstrated expertise, represented by the thematic areas of the Finnish Research Flagships

To be eligible for submission to the NSF, the project must provide significant added value that is not achievable by the Finnish principal investigator (PI) working alone. Funding through RCF will be provided for applications that are selected for funding by the NSF through their standard procedures. Even though the Finnish components are paid for by RCF, projects are expected to adhere to NSF grant requirements.

The requirements in this call announcement relate only to applicants applying for funding from the RCF.

Before you start preparing to apply for the funding, please read carefully the call text, which is published by NSF and only in English

Moreover, the prospective applicants are asked to note that both the RCF and Business Finland are partner agencies in this programme. Their awards may complement each other. Business Finland has allocated 7 million euros and the Research Council of Finland 3 million euros to this call. 

Finland is prepared to fund two 5 million euro Finnish consortia as part of international NSF Global Centers project consortia. Altogether, the NSF plans to fund 5–7 Global Centers consortia.

To enable smooth preparation and processing of applications, Finland applicants are advised to contact the RCF as early as possible. 

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