Letter of collaboration

The application may be accompanied by a free-form letter of collaboration from national and international collaborators. For example, it may be a letter prepared on a document template of the collaborator’s organisation or an email exchange.

Justify your choice of collaborators in your research plan under ‘Research team and collaborators’.

The letter of collaboration must include at least the following information:

  • collaborator and collaborator’s position; organisation and country
  • purpose and objectives of the cooperation with regard to the project; added value of the cooperation
  • description of the practical implementation of the cooperation; the collaboration can take many forms: researcher visits, use of digital materials, other research cooperation, etc.

NB! If the letter of collaboration of a person applying for funding for a research post as Academy Research Fellow or Postdoctoral Researcher is related to a deviation from the mobility requirement due to Covid-19 pandemic, the letter shall be appended to the application under ‘Appendices – Mobility requirement, documentation’. More information is available in the call texts.

The letter of collaboration is a public document. As such, it must not include any confidential information.

Append the letter to the application in PDF format. If you have several letters, you can scan them into one file and provide a summary of them on the first page of the file. Please do not append any letters of recommendation to the application.

Name the attachment file as follows: yoursurname_collaboration.

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