Academy Project funding 2019, all research fields

3 Sep 2019
26 Sep 2019 at 16.15 Finnish time
1 Sep 2020–31 Aug 2024
  • The average funding is approximately 400,000–500,000 euros per project
  • The applicant is an independent researcher or a consortium that applies for funding to hire a research group

The Academy Project funding is designed to promote the quality of research, scientific impact and impact beyond academia as well as scientific renewal and diversity. The aim is to attain internationally as high a scientific standard of work as possible and to support scientific breakthroughs and top-tier international research collaboration. When you apply for Academy Project funding, you apply for funding to hire a research team.

In addition to their doctorate, the PI of the Academy Project must have other significant scientific merits. Usually the PI is a professor or docent-level researcher. The funding can be applied for by both individual research teams and consortia composed of two or several research teams. The Academy of Finland encourages early-career researchers, if no more than ten years have passed since their first doctorate, to apply for Academy Project funding.

Before you submit your application in the online services (SARA), make sure to carefully read the call text below as well as the Read more section, especially the funding terms and conditions. If the call text and the funding terms and conditions conflict, the terms and conditions should always be considered primary. 

Read the full call text below.Click on the link below to print the text or save it in PDF format. 

The call text for Academy Projects has been clarified (19 Jun 2019)

The definition of “no more than ten years since their first doctorate” for early-career researchers applying for Academy Project funding has been clarified. The doctoral degree certificate (the first doctorate, if the applicant has multiple) of an early-career researcher should be issued 25 Sept 2009–25 Sept 2019 and of a medical specialist 25 Sept 2005–25 Sept 2019.

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