Academy Programme for Climate Change and Carbon Neutrality Research (Climate-Synergy) 2022–2024

The Academy Programme for Climate Change and Carbon Neutrality Research (Climate-Synergy) examines the impacts of climate change both in the environment and in society and seeks solutions to promote a carbon-neutral future. The programme pools together research in the field with a view to producing diverse impact on the key sustainability challenge of our time.

The Research Council of Finland is combining climate change and carbon neutrality research carried out in various types of projects into a single programme package with a view to building synergies and strengthening research on climate change and carbon neutrality and supporting the utilisation of the research in society. High-quality scientific research, research-based knowledge and the harnessing of scientific data play a key role in solving climate change challenges. Through the Climate-Synergy programme and in line with its strategy, the Research Council wants to support high-quality, innovative and high-impact research, promote national and international research cooperation and enhance the societal impact of research in the field through collaboration and programme services. The programme also makes visible the role of the Research Council as a research funding agency in this field and supports Finnish scientists in their impact work, highlighting the importance of high-quality research in climate change mitigation and adaptation.

The Climate-Synergy Academy Programme consists of research projects funded by the Research Council of Finland and the Strategic Research Council (SRC) established within the Research Council. The Programme comprises, for instance, the following ongoing programmes and instruments:

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  • Pilvi Toppinen, Programme Manager, tel. +358 295 335 064
  • Tiina Neuvonen, Coordinator, tel. +358 295 335 076

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