Personalised Health – From Genes to Society (pHealth) 2015-2021

pHealth examines changes in healthcare and investigates the individual and genetic causes of diseases as well as treatment-related issues. The research extends to societal issues that may arise with the collection and storage of health data.

The Academy Programme Personalised Health – From Genes to Society (pHealth) is centred on the concept of personalised medicine, a new, comprehensive line of health research that is changing healthcare all over the world. Personalised medicine involves a completely new approach to understanding, categorising, diagnosing, preventing and treating diseases and promoting good health. This approach is based on the definition of an individual’s genome, its function, cellular biochemistry and physiology, as well as on the utilisation of this information in individual medical treatment, disease prevention and nutritional profiling.

The first and foremost theme of the programme is to produce data and tools to contribute to the understanding of individual characteristics at molecular level, and to using these data and tools for health promotion.

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  • Heikki Vilen, Programme Manager, tel. +358 295 335 135
  • Sara Illman, Programme Manager, tel. +358 295 335 119
  • Tiina Neuvonen, Coordinator, tel. +358 295 335 076

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