Special funding for research into crisis preparedness and security of supply

25 Aug 2020
15 Sep 2020 at 16.15 Finnish time
EUR 20 million
21 Aug 2020–31 Nov 2023 (may start retroactively)

This funding call has closed. Please note that the Academy’s new website was launched on 6 October 2020. Some links in this call text may therefore not work. If you have questions about the call, get in touch with the call’s contact persons.

  • Project size EUR 0.5–2 million, as a general rule
  • For individual research teams or consortia of two or several research teams

Through this call, the Academy of Finland will provide funding for high-quality scientific research into crisis preparedness and security of supply. The research projects to be funded must also contribute to the wider societal impact of research on this theme. The funding decisions will be made based on international peer review and the call’s objectives. The review of the applications will focus on the scientific quality of the research and the societal impact of the project. The review will also pay attention to how the plan responds to the call’s objectives and to ensuring that the applicants have a sufficient range of expertise to implement the plan.

In addition to a doctoral degree, the principal investigator (PI) of the proposed project must also have other significant scientific merits. Usually the PI is a researcher at the professor or docent (adjunct professor) level.

At the core of the Academy of Finland’s activities is to provide funding for excellent scientific research. The research we fund is also expected to have high scientific and social impact. The results of Academy-funded projects must be made public and they must be produced following good scientific practice. In other words, the research must be ethical, follow the principles of sustainable development and make its results, material and data openly accessible. Equality and non-discrimination must also be considered.

Before you fill in the application in the online services (SARA), carefully read the call text and the ‘Read more’ section, especially the funding terms and conditions.

If the call text and the funding terms and conditions conflict, the terms and conditions should always be considered primary. If the translated English or Swedish version of the call text is in conflict with the Finnish call text, the Finnish version should always be considered primary.

Read the full call text on this page. Click on the link below to print the text or save it in PDF format.

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