International research infrastructures where Finland is a member, call for invited applicants 2023

9 May 2023
6 June 2023 at 16:15 Finnish time
about 4 million euros
1 Jan 2024–31 Dec 2028
  • This call invites applications for funding for membership fees to international research infrastructures for the period 2024–2028. Applications can be submitted by the following international research infrastructures: BBMRI-ERIC, CLARIN-ERIC, ELIXIR, EPOS-ERIC, ESS-ERIC, EU-OPENSCREEN ERIC, Instruct-ERIC, PRACE, GBIF and IML.
  • The application is submitted by an individual research organisation.
  • Addendum 11 May 2023: The call text has been edited in section ’How the application is reviewed’: an updated version of the review form has been added.

Memberships in international research infrastructures give the Finnish science and business communities access to research infrastructure services that could not be provided by national means only. International research infrastructures are also a platform for international collaboration in research, development and innovation and a means to advance cooperation and engage in science diplomacy between countries.

The Academy of Finland is prepared to fund the membership fees of the international research infrastructures invited to this call with an estimated 4 million euros for a maximum of five years, from 2024 to 2028.

Before you fill in your application in the online services (SARA), carefully read the call text and the funding terms and conditions. If the call text and the funding terms and conditions conflict, the terms and conditions should always be considered primary. If the translated English or Swedish version of the call text is in conflict with the Finnish call text, the Finnish version should always be considered primary.

Read the full call text on this page. Also read all the FIRI guidelines that are available on the Academy’s website.

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