Commitment by site of research: memberships in international research infrastructures – membership fees, call for invited applicants 2023

In this call, the applicant and the commitment issuer is the research organisation that coordinates the membership in the international research infrastructure. For technical reasons, the same person cannot submit the application and issue the commitment of the site of research. The commitment issuer must be the rector/vice rector or director general of the research organisation.

The research organisation commits to the membership fee application in the online services by confirming receipt of the request for commitment. Steps involved:

The applicant fills in the information on the commitment issuer of the site of research at the bottom of the tab ‘Site of research’ on the application form. The request for commitment will be sent from the Academy to the issuer by email after the application deadline. It is important to make sure that the email address of the commitment issuer is correct and that it is in active use. The email message sent to the commitment issuer contains a link to the login page of the online services. After logging in, the commitment issuer will find the requests for commitment under ‘Commitments’. After the representative of the site of research has read the online application and the appendices and issued the commitment to the project, the applicant will receive an email notification.

What does the commitment by site of research entail in this call?

Memberships in international research infrastructures are a means to promote the quality of research and education. The memberships create platforms for cooperation in international RDI. The memberships also contribute to strengthening the diverse impact of research environments on society.

The commitment is intended to promote the full use of the international research infrastructure membership and the professional management and coordination of national activities related to this membership.

The site of research undertakes to

  • ensure that the funding application (for the membership fee) submitted to the Academy and the project funded by the Academy comply with the legislation in force
  • follow the guidelines of the Finnish Advisory Board on Research Integrity (Responsible conduct of research and procedures for handling allegations of misconduct in Finland) and ALLEA’s (All European Academies) European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity when engaging in international collaboration
  • notify the Academy without undue delay of convictions or financial sanctions due to use of illegal labour
  • comply with restrictive measures imposed on Russia and Belarus by the European Union or the United Nations concerning the economy and financing, which are in force in the European Union.

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