Academy Programme: Climate Change and Health (CLIHE), call for invited applicants

5 Aug 2019
4 Sep 2019 at 16.15 Finnish time
1 Jan 2020 to 31 Dec 2023

This funding call has closed. Please note that the Academy’s new website was launched on 6 October 2020. Some links in this call text may therefore not work. If you have questions about the call, get in touch with the call’s contact persons.

  • Total funding budget no more than 8 million euros
  • Applicant is an individual research team or a consortium selected in the call for letters of intent 

Relatively little research has gone into the effects that climate change and efforts to slow down the phenomenon have on human health and wellbeing in Finland. The Academy Programme Climate Change and Health (CLIHE) aims to produce new information to help forecast the effects that climate change has on health, prevent harmful impacts on health and adapt to climate change. At the core of the programme is a desire to provide the knowledge base needed to assess health risks resulting from climate change. The programme seeks to find better, more in-depth ways to analyse short-term and long-term impacts on health and to develop assessment techniques. The programme memorandum contains more details on the programme’s background, aims, thematic areas and review criteria. The full call text and the review criteria are available below. 

Applicant is an individual research team or a consortium selected in the call for letters of intent.

PI of the project must be a researcher with a doctoral degree or at the professor or docent level.  

The call’s funding budget has been set at a maximum of 8 million euros. Individual projects may apply for a maximum of 500,000 euros. Consortia may apply for a maximum of 1,200,000 euros: a single consortium subproject may be granted a maximum of 500,000 euros. 

Before you submit your application in the online services (SARA), make sure to carefully read the call text below as well as the Read more section, especially the funding terms and conditions. If the call text and the funding terms and conditions conflict, the terms and conditions should always be considered primary.  

Read the full call text below. Click on the link below to print the text or save it in PDF format. 

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