Centre of Excellence Programme: impact through research funding

The Academy of Finland had all Centres of Excellence (CoE) participating in the 2014–2019 Centre of Excellence Programme conduct a self-assessment of their impact in their final report. With the impact assessments, the Academy wanted to hear the CoEs describe in their own words the different forms and objectives of their impact and whether they had reached their impact objectives.

The Centre of Excellence Programme for 2014‒2019 included 14 CoEs composed of research teams from a total of twelve universities and research institutes. The Academy funded the Centre of Excellence Programme with 97.5 million euros.

On this page, we have compiled findings from the CoEs’ impact assessments. The focus is on the CoEs’ stories and views on what aspects of societal impact their research involved, the scope of the impact, the key channels and tools of impact, and the challenges that emerged in achieving impact. The quotes are cited from impact story comments.

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