Scientific councils

The Research Council of Finland has three scientific councils:

The scientific councils grant funding for scientific research and the development and utilisation of research framework conditions. They decide on the funding for international research infrastructures, if collaboration is not based on Finland’s membership. They also monitor the impact and effectiveness of research funding and promote research together with other Research Council bodies.

The Finnish Government appoints the chair and members for each scientific council for a three-year term. The term of the current scientific councils is 1 January 2022–31 December 2024.

The scientific councils represent extensive and excellent scientific expertise. The members represent research and science in a broad sense; they are not representatives of a single discipline, university or research institute.

Suitable members can be proposed to the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture by universities, research institutes, R&D stakeholders and organisations, learned societies, academies, and representatives of the research community. The Ministry will consult different parties before appointing the scientific councils.

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