Winter call replaces autumn call

Changes are coming to the Academy of Finland’s call schedules and review of applications. The next application round for Academy Project Funding, Academy Research Fellowships and Clinical Researcher Funding will open in November 2023, not in September. The new winter 2024 call will also include a new Academy Programme for sport science. The funding allocated under the new Academy Programme was previously granted by the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture. The deadline for applications in the winter 2024 call is in January 2024, and the funding decisions will be made in spring 2024. Starting with the winter call, applicants can choose the most relevant panel for their application.

The changed call schedules will not affect the timing of Academy funding periods. The Academy aims to expedite its decision-making process so that funding decisions for 2024 will be made in early summer of the same year, and the new funding periods can start on 1 September 2024. From now on, applications for Academy Project funding, Academy Research Fellowships and Clinical Researcher funding will be invited in winter.

The changed call schedule will be taken into account in determining the eligibility of Academy Research Fellowship applicants. To be eligible in the winter 2024 call, Academy Research Fellowship applicants must have received their first doctoral degree certificate between 30 September 2016 and 31 January 2022.

Changes in the review process

Starting with the winter 2024 call, the review of applications will be based on a procedure in which the applicant chooses the most relevant panel for their application. The selection is made among panels announced in advance by the Academy. The possibility to choose the panel means that applicants have more influence on the review process, and it also increases the transparency of the review. To help applicants choose the panels, the Academy will make the panel titles and the descriptions of the panels’ research fields and topics available in advance.

On 2 May 2023, the Academy announced a draft panel structure with descriptions of the individual review panels for the winter call. Stakeholders were invited to have their say on the structure. The Academy received 526 responses by the deadline of 23 May.

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