SRC selects projects to be funded under programmes starting in 2020

10 Nov 2020

The Strategic Research Council (SRC) established within the Academy of Finland decided on 9 November 2020 on the funding of new consortia. The granted funding amounts to a total of 34 million euros within two programmes. The SRC selected nine consortia to the programmes. The selected projects focus on long-term research aimed at identifying solutions to major societal challenges.

The consortia will be included in the following two SRC programmes:

Both programmes are new and will run until 2026.

The funded consortia were selected in a two-stage programme call from among consortia invited to the second stage. The second-stage applications were processed in two different panels for each programme. One of the panels concentrated on the applications’ scientific quality, while the other focused on their social impact. The SRC’s overall consideration was based on the panel review reports and the programme’s objectives. Decision criteria included the quality, social significance and impact of the research.

The consortia applications invited to the second stage were of high scientific quality. According to Kimmo Nuotio, SRC Chair, the work planned by the funded consortia also has societal significance:

“Once again, the SRC was faced with some tough decisions as it selected the applications to be funded from among those invited to the second round. However, we’re very pleased with the outcome, because the selected consortia provide a wide array of content to these two research programmes. What we can expect from the consortia is a high level of scientific input and real impact, both together with other consortia and separately.”

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