FIRI 2020 call – roadmap for national research infrastructures in Finland 2021–2024

1 April 2020
16 June 2020
  • No funding is available through this call. Instead, applications are invited for roadmap status: a place on the roadmap of key research infrastructures in Finland.
  • Applied by a research organisation. Management representatives of the research organisation issue the commitment of the site of research in the Academy’s online services.
  • NB. The section How applications are submitted and become pending in the call text has been supplemented on 6 April 2020.

The Finnish Research Infrastructure Committee at the Academy of Finland has drafted a Strategy for National Research Infrastructures in Finland 2020–2030. The vision is that high-class research infrastructure services increase the impact and international attraction of the Finnish research, education and innovation system. The objective of the strategy is to promote the quality, competitiveness and renewal of research, to strengthen the broad-based impact of research environments and to increase national and international cooperation.

Based on the strategy, the Finnish Research Infrastructure Committee opens roadmap and funding calls and, together with other actors, develops national and international research infrastructure activities in the coming years. The Committee has outlined that in FIRI calls to be opened based on the roadmap, most of the funding will be earmarked for research infrastructures included on the roadmap. The next FIRI funding call opens in spring 2021.

Before you fill in your application in the online services (SARA), carefully read the call text on this page. Also see the ‘Read more’ section.

If the translated English or Swedish version of the call text is in conflict with the Finnish call text, the Finnish version should always be considered primary.

Read the full call text on this page. Click on the link below to print the text or save it in PDF format.

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