Cooperation and partnerships between European funding agencies

Horizon Europe establishes a new form of funding cooperation, European Partnerships. There are three types: Co-programmed European Partnerships, Co-funded European Partnerships and Institutionalised European Partnerships. The portfolio of European Partnerships includes 49 candidates, which aim at a greater scale and a more multidisciplinary approach than the existing ERA-NETs, Joint Programming Initiatives and European Joint Programmes. Some of these networks that started during the Horizon 2020 programme will continue almost throughout Horizon Europe.

The European Partnerships aim at building more impactful wholes, the results of which can be better utilised at policy level. The aim is also to create more synergies between EU policy and various EU programmes. The funding for the partnerships comes partly from national sources, partly through EU programmes. The new partnerships are expected to start in two waves (2021–2022 and 2023–2024) as part of the Horizon Europe work programmes. Calls under the first new partnerships are expected to open at the end of 2021.

The Academy of Finland will participate in co-funded partnerships and their calls at the strategic discretion of the Academy’s research councils and other decision-making bodies.

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