Centre of Excellence in Research of Sustainable Space

Research of Sustainable Space

Minna Palmroth (University of Helsinki, UH), Pekka Janhunen (Finnish Meteorological Institute), Emilia Kilpua (UH), Jaan Praks (Aalto University) and Rami Vainio (University of Turku)

Space is an emerging megatrend. The increasing number of satellites threatens the sustainable use of space, as without removal, space debris will make critical orbits unusable. A central factor affecting spacecraft lifetime is the radiation environment, which is unpredictable due to an incomplete understanding of plasma dynamics.

The Centre of Excellence in Research of Sustainable Space combines top Finnish assets in space physics and debris to bring about an international paradigm change in the sustainable utilisation of space. The researchers will build a next-generation radiation-tolerant nanosatellite fleet to advance the understanding of the radiation environment to an unprecedented level. They will also demonstrate sustainability by bringing the spacecraft back to the atmosphere.

The CoE performs cutting-edge experimental analysis utilising international space missions and the world’s best supercomputer modelling tools. It will exploit top-tier science to secure safe orbits for the future, and revolutionise experimental space physics based on nanosatellites.

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