Growth from impact

One of the topics of the Centre of Excellence impact stories was the impact on economic growth, rising employment and the creation of new jobs. In this context, the CoEs’ assessments emphasised cooperation with commercial actors, especially for the utilisation of research applications and innovations and for working in different centres of competence.

Based on the CoEs’ responses, the most important aspect of corporate cooperation was being able to enable business life to effectively use the results of applied research utilising the results of solid basic research. In terms of international impact, the target was clearly set for the development of new export products.

“We have to bring together the best of basic research nationally and internationally, including companies that conduct pilots on applied innovations that are based on basic research, as well as start-ups and spin-off companies that commercialise inventions created with applied research data.”

Among channels of impact for corporate cooperation, the CoEs listed patents, licences and invention disclosures as well as new technologies and platforms intended for business and industry.

The CoEs estimate there to be special potential for economic growth in the international commercialisation of research competence and applications that are in line with sustainable development. In terms of impact in increasing employment, the CoEs mentioned competitive education for physicians to act in various expert positions in fields that benefit from higher education. The CoEs also mentioned making research findings available to non-profit organisations to promote academic research.

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