Programmes and projects

Special funding for system-level research into climate change mitigation and adaptation

Funding: 10 million euros, 7 projects, 2021–2024

Climate Change and Health (CLIHE) Academy Programme

Funding: 9.7 million euros, 13 projects, 2020–2023

C1 Value Academy Programme

Funding: 6.0 million euros, 9 projects, 2020–2023

Climate Change and Humans (CLIMATE) SRC programme

Funding: 27.2 million euros (estimate), 4 consortia, 2020–2026

Adaptation and Resilience for Sustainable Growth (ADAPT) SRC programme

Funding: 34.4 million euros, 6 consortia, 2018–2023

Towards a Sustainable, Healthy and Climate-Neutral Food System (FOOD) SRC programme

Funding: 21.3 million euros (estimate), 3 consortia, 2019–2025

Funding for research on key areas of green and digital transition

Funding: 40 million euros (estimate), 2022–2024

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