Final report

Researchers who have received funding from the Research Council must report on their project via the online services no later than 1 June of the year following the end of the funding period. In the case of consortia, the consortium PI submits the scientific report on behalf of the whole consortium after all subprojects have ended their funding periods.

A final report shall be drafted on all our research funding decisions. The reporting period is the same as the funding period in the decision. Some funding schemes have their own specific guidelines for reporting. The guidelines are available in the online services when you fill in the report.

Monitoring the impact of our funding has become increasingly important; the information is also used when we report on our own activities. It is therefore essential that the final report is carefully completed in all respects. Data on publications, other deliverables and research visits are of key importance. Research reports may be written in English, Finnish or Swedish. They cannot be submitted by email.

The principal investigator of the research project is responsible for the scientific reporting. Three times a year, the site of research must submit to the Research Council of Finland an account of the use of the funding (by type of expenditure) and data on FTEs (staff according to the proportion of full-time hours they work), as part of the request for payment. The two sets of data are combined in the final report to allow for comparisons between the use of funds and the results produced with those funds.

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