Reporting and monitoring

Project monitoring and reporting

Monitoring funded projects and evaluating their impact are part of the statutory duties of the Strategic Research Council (Act on the Research Council of Finland, section 5 b). Monitoring and evaluation of SRC-funded projects is done in accordance with SRC funding principles. The projects must report regularly on their activities both during and after the funding period. A consortium reports on its activities as a whole, not separately for each subproject.

Three objectives have been set for the monitoring:

  • encourage projects to regularly review their activities in relation to the joint objectives of the SRC programme and the project’s own impact goals
  • compile information on the activities and progress of the projects to support programme activity, cross-programme activities for social impact and communications
  • gather information on the research and interaction work of the projects for the mid-term review and the programme evaluation.

The monitoring has four stages:

  • state-of-play report at start of project
  • annual reporting
  • interim report in connection with application for the second period of funding (applies to programmes divided into two funding periods)
  • final report upon project completion.

The purpose and contents of these reports are described briefly below.

With the exception of the state-of-play report, the reporting shall be made on a form in the online services (SARA) of the Research Council of Finland. The projects should familiarise themselves with the content of the report form and start compiling the necessary information as soon as the project starts. The reported data will be collected cumulatively on the form throughout the project’s lifetime. The right to report lies with the principal investigator of the consortium, and they may also authorise other persons to report, if necessary. The reporting form is in Finnish and English, but the reporting language may be Finnish, Swedish or English.

Guidelines for reporting

The data will be processed by Research Council's officials, members of the SRC, programme directors of SRC programmes and, at the end of the programmes, by Finnish and foreign reviewers who carry out programme evaluations.

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