Structure of action plan: Special funding for RDI partnership networks

Fill in the action plan in the Academy’s online services on the tab ‘Action plan’. You cannot submit the plan as an appendix. Please read the call text carefully before you start writing the action plan.

The action plan may be no longer than 10 pages. The font is Times New Roman (font size 12 pt, line spacing 1.15 and margins 20 mm). All bibliographic references must be added directly into the text, for example as follows: (Author(s) Year or [number]). You cannot use footnotes. The bibliography (no more than 2 pages) does not count towards the length of the plan.

See the How-to guides for the online services on our website for the technical instructions.

1.      Composition and purpose

  • Composition and purpose of partnership network:
  • Description of partnership network’s research basis
  • description of a locally, regionally or nationally significant, high-quality competence centre to which the partnership network is linked, description of the applicant’s strategy and other factors influencing the significance of the partnership network in terms of the objectives of the call
  • Description of the network members and justifications for the network composition. Also indicate whether the members are new collaborators.
  • Purpose and main objectives of the partnership network during the funding period

2.      Activities

  • Actions, resources, schedules, risk management:
  • Description of concrete actions, resources and schedules
  • Key persons and their core competencies
  • Justifications for the planned actions and their objectives
  • Description of implementation risks and risk management
    • Responsible science:
  • How the partnership network will consider research ethics, equality and nondiscrimination, open science and sustainable development
  • Read more: research ethics, open science, equality and nondiscrimination, sustainable development.

3.      Impact

  • Impact of partnership network:
  • Description of how the actions of the partnership network will group together research and those who utilise it in order to strengthen, broaden and increase the impact of Finland’s competence spearhead
  • Description of how the planned actions will promote the scientific community’s networking with the business sector and potential other research users and beneficiaries and strengthen the societal impact of high-quality research

4.      Bibliography

  • List of all of the sources used in the action plan
  • The bibliography (no more than 2 pages) does not count towards the length of the plan.
  • Please note that the text type, font size and line spacing of the list are the same as elsewhere in the plan.

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