Academy of Finland’s spring 2023 call texts out now

13 Mar 2023

The Academy of Finland’s spring 2023 call documents are now available on the Academy’s website. Applications are invited between 5 April and 26 April 2023. Applications for the special funding for international collaboration in high-performance computing are invited between 12 April and 10 May 2023.

Funding is also available under two themes of the Research, Development and Innovation Programme ICT 2023: Limits of ICT and Secure Use of Data in Health. The Academy’s total funding budget for two ICT 2023 themes is approximately 9 million euros.

The funding granted under call for applications on international collaboration in high-performance computing will support international research cooperation in themes represented by the Finnish Flagships of the Academy of Finland’s Flagship Programme. The research shall focus on European cooperation in using EuroHPC’s high-performance computing resources, or on cooperation in using the LUMI supercomputer with partners in the US states of Texas or Colorado or research teams in Japan. The funding is not intended for coordination or planning of collaborations.

Applications will also be invited for funding for research infrastructures. The FIRI 2023 calls include funding for infrastructures on the 2021–2024 roadmap, for international research infrastructure memberships and for non-roadmap infrastructures. A separate call for invited applicants will be opened concerning existing membership fees to international research infrastructures. The Academy of Finland is prepared to fund research infrastructures under the FIRI 2023 calls with a total of some 40 million euros.

Funding open for application in spring 2023

Funding for research

Funding for research environments

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  • More information is available from the contact persons named in the call texts.

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