ERA-LEARN 2022 (2018–2022)

ERA-LEARN 2022 is a cooperation network of European funders operating under the EU Horizon 2020 framework programme as a Coordination and Support Action, focusing on analysing the benefits and best practices of the ERA-NET scheme and on developing cooperation between funding agencies. ERA-LEARN will also support the European Commission in the development of European funding cooperation, i.e. partnerships, under the forthcoming Horizon Europe framework programme.

Data collected in previous ERA-LEARN projects and in the current project have been compiled in the ERA-LEARN portal. Among other things, the portal provides a database to which ERA-LEARN, on behalf of the European Commission, has collected information on funding agency networks, calls organised by them and the projects funded. ERA-LEARN offers a newsletter to keep up to date with events and news.

The Research Council of Finland has participated in ERA-LEARN projects since 2010. The Research Council has actively participated in a number of ERA-NET-related tasks and has been responsible for the preparation of tasks related to the Research Council’s own activities in Finland. By doing so, the Research Council has the opportunity to further increase its visibility in international research funding cooperation and to influence the formulation of European science policy. ERA-LEARN activity further supports the Research Council’s long-standing and fruitful ERA-NET cooperation and will be useful for future international projects.

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