iCAN – Digital Precision Cancer Medicine Flagship

Cancer is a growing burden worldwide. To find better treatments, great expectations are focused on precision cancer medicine (PCM), where cancer is studied at the genetic and molecular level. The iCAN Flagship builds on a strong basis in PCM and connects it in a novel way with the ongoing digital health revolution, leveraging on Finland’s strengths, such as healthcare registries and a digitised healthcare system.

The Flagship aims to facilitate breakthrough discoveries leading to improved treatments and quality of life for cancer patients. Within the Flagship’s pilot projects, patients with colorectal, breast or ovarian cancer or leukaemia have an opportunity to participate at all stages of research. With a team of top scientists, physicians and entrepreneurs, iCAN is uniquely poised to become a global leader in this area and a hub providing impact in science, economy, training and wellbeing.

  • Director: Professor Satu Mustjoki, University of Helsinki
  • Host organisations: University of Helsinki and Helsinki University Hospital
  • iCAN website
  • X: @iCAN_Finland
  • Email address: ican(at)helsinki.fi

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