Finnish Quantum Flagship

The Finnish Quantum Flagship brings together leading quantum experts in physics, computational science, mathematics, nanoscience and nanotechnology and economics to consolidate and expand Finland’s national ecosystem for quantum technology. Through cutting-edge research, the Flagship aims to boost the emergence of new businesses and secure Finland’s position as a leading quantum-enabled society.

The Flagship will merge research in quantum materials, devices and information with leading expertise in applications, technology transfer and market sociology. Another aim is to promote industrial renewal and the transformation of society via scientific, economic, societal and educational impact.

Quantum technology is anticipated to revolutionise many areas of science, engineering and industry from the clean production of energy to drug design. The Flagship will foster collaboration across organisations and disciplines to prepare Finnish society for the disruptive benefits and implications of quantum technology.

  • Director: Professor Peter Liljeroth, Aalto University
  • Host organisations: Aalto University, University of Helsinki, CSC, University of Jyväskylä, Tampere University, University of Oulu, VTT

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