Centre of Excellence in Randomness and Structures

Randomness and Structures

Saksman Eero (University of Helsinki, UH); Hytönen Tuomas (UH); Ilmonen Pauliina (Aalto University, AU); Koskela Pekka (University of Jyväskylä, UJ); Kuusi Tuomo (UH); Kytölä Kalle (AU); Lukkarinen Jani (UH); Matomäki Kaisa (University of Turku); Peltola Eveliina (UJ); Vihola Matti (UJ) and Zhong Xiao (UH)

An essential part of research into randomness and structures is applications of cutting-edge mathematics in physical sciences as well as statistics. Particular goals include mathematical modelling of rock structures in view of applications to geothermal energy and improvement of the predictive accuracy of coagulation-fragmentation models in pioneering work on atmospheric mathematics.

The Centre of Excellence in Randomness and Structures brings together leading mathematicians in Finland, including a new generation of world-class experts, to collaborate towards the advancement of the common research themes of randomness and structures. The CoE aims at mathematical development at the crossroads between probabilistic methods, quantum and conformal field theory, geometric and harmonic analysis, partial differential equations and analytic number theory.

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