Centre of Excellence in Life-Inspired Hybrid Materials

Life-Inspired Hybrid Materials

Linder, Markus (Aalto University, AU); Ikkala Olli (AU); Kostiainen Mauri (AU); Penttilä Merja (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd); Priimägi Arri (Tampere University); Ras Robin (AU); Sammalkorpi Maria (AU) and Timonen Jaakko (AU)

The way we make and use materials affects virtually all aspects of our society. It has already been anticipated that future materials production will be influenced by biology in several ways. Biologically derived raw materials offer a way of making products in a more sustainable way; we can also draw inspiration from biology for new ways to achieve properties in materials.

The Centre of Excellence in Life-Inspired Hybrid Materials will combine research groups with backgrounds in bioscience, physics, chemistry and computational modelling to be able to tackle problems that will advance hybrid materials. In particular, the researchers will take inspiration from lifelike properties such as how structures form, how cells grow and adapt, and how signals are transmitted and stored. This will allow the CoE’s researchers to give materials new interactive properties and find new ways to make materials in general.

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