Centre of Excellence in Stem Cell Metabolism

Stem Cell Metabolism

Pekka Katajisto (University of Helsinki, UH), Ville Hietakangas (UH), Timo Otonkoski (UH) and Henna Tyynismaa (UH)

Stem cell research holds great promise for treatment strategies spanning from organ replacements to treatments that slow the ageing process and reduce ageing-related diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease and neurodegenerative diseases. To fully realise the potential of stem-cell-based strategies, we must better understand the cellular processes that are critical to stem cell function. Stem cells have a unique metabolism, but its role is not yet fully understood.

The Centre of Excellence in Stem Cell Metabolism focuses on investigating what role the distinctive metabolism of stem cells may play in stem cell biology. The CoE also addresses how stem cell function can be modified by regulating their metabolism, and aims to develop approaches utilising metabolic control in stem-cell-based therapies.

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