Centre of Excellence in Ancient Near Eastern Empires

Ancient Near Eastern Empires

Saana Svärd (University of Helsinki, UH), Antti Lahelma (UH) and Jason Silverman (UH)

The Centre of Excellence in Ancient Near Eastern Empires studies the changing imperial dynamics of social group identities in the first millennium BCE Near East. The CoE is a multidisciplinary project, applying methods from digital humanities, sociology, archaeology and cultural heritage studies.

The CoE contributes to a thorough understanding of the imperial impact on social groups, focusing on local and minority social group identities in a time of dramatic political change in the cradle of civilisation – the ancient Near East in the first millennium BCE. The CoE uses cross-disciplinary methods, studying the periods of Neo-Assyrian, Neo-Babylonian, Persian, Hellenistic and early Roman control to increase dialogue between ancient historians, archaeologists and social scientists.

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