Academy Programme for Development Research (DEVELOP2)
Funding period 1.9.2023 - 31.12.2026 (6 M €)

Projects funded by Research Council of Finland:

Sustainable use of plant resources to combat infectious diseases (SUPRIDE)
Leena Hanski, University of Helsinki
2024DEVELOP2_Project desciption_Hanski.pdf

Small vulnerable newborns and the transgenerational cycle of health and development
Eero Kajantie, University of Oulu
2024DEVELOP2_Project description_Kajantie.pdf

Emerging infectious diseases in changing environments of East Africa
Tarja Sironen, University of Helsinki
2024DEVELOP2_Project description_Sironen.pdf

Towards sustainable harvesting of African edible bush-cricket (Ruspolia differens) for enhancing food security and rural livelihoods in East Africa
Anu Valtonen, University of Eastern Finland
2024DEVELOP2_Project description_Valtonen.pdf

Transition pathways towards gender inclusion in the changing musical landscapes of Nepal (amplifyHer)
Heidi Westerlund, Uniarts Helsinki
2024DEVELOP2_Project description_Westerlund.pdf

Projects funded by Ministry for Foreign Affairs:

The socio-ecological and politico-economic dynamics of ecological restoration through tree planting schemes in the global South (TreesForDev)
Maria Ehrnström-Fuentes, Hanken
Markus Kröger, University of Helsinki
2024DEVELOP2_Project desciption_Ehrnström-Fuentes&Kröger.pdf

Integrating water balance and energy systems models for improved benefit sharing in transboundary river basins
Björn Klöve, University of Oulu
Juha Kiviluoma, VTT
2024DEVELOP2_Project description_Klöve&Kiviluoma.pdf

LGBTQI+ and Street-level bureaucrats: Assessing Motives, Violence and Possibilities for Collective Advocacy in East Africa
Laura Stark, University of Jyväskylä
2024DEVELOP2_Project description_Stark.pdf

Technological and socio-economic solutions to reduce indoor air pollution in Nepal
Jarkko Tissari, University of Eastern Finland
2024DEVELOP2_Project description_Tissari.pdf

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