Review criteria

Our review criteria

The Research Council of Finland’s funding decisions are based on a review of the scientific merits of research plans, action plans, research infrastructure project plans and applicants. We use the following criteria (while also considering the objectives of the funding scheme) when assessing scientific merits:

  • scientific quality, innovativeness and novelty value of the research as well as its impact within the scientific community
  • feasibility of research plan (incl. responsible science)
  • competence of applicant/research team in terms of project implementation, possible researcher training
  • quality of research environment and collaboration networks (incl. researcher mobility)
  • suitability of the proposed research in terms of the possible special objectives of the funding scheme (incl. societal impact).

The peer-review of organisation-driven funding instruments also includes other review criteria. You can find the review criteria for these instruments on their respective websites (see ‘Programmes and other funding schemes’ on our website).

Review criteria for strategic research

In SRC calls, the proposed projects are reviewed based on their societal relevance and impact as well as their scientific quality. The projects to be funded are selected based on panel review reports, interviews with applicants (if applicable) and the SRC’s aims for the programme concerned. All selections will be made considering the needs of the programme.

The review criteria for strategic research are:

  • societal impact of research
    • significant societal relevance
    • realistic and convincing interaction plan
    • required collaboration with the stakeholder network
    • interaction merits and competence of the consortium
  • scientific quality
    • how the research compares with international standards
    • plan for strengthening the quality and renewal of research
    • scientific merits and competence of the consortium parties
  • compatibility of the research with the provided strategic research programme
    • ability to answer the posed programme questions

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