Experts and review panels

Review panels

Academy of Finland’s officials organise the application reviews and from the panels based on the applications submitted to the call. When assessing the most suitable panel for each application, attention is paid to the content and research field(s) of the application, its relation to other applications and the expertise of the panel members.  The applications are placed in panels so that each receives the best possible expert review with applications that are on the same level.

To ensure an equal and informed review process, we ask our experts about their possible disqualifications before forming the panels. In the scientific reviews we ask about their expertise in the themes of the applications to be reviewed in the panel. We ask our reviewers to go through all the applications in the panel, with the exception of the applications that they are disqualified to review. If an expert is disqualified with regard to an application, they do not participate in its review. We ask at least two reviewers to prepare preliminary review reports for each application before the panel meeting. To support the panel’s review process and expertise, we may also ask for preliminary review reports from experts outside the panel. The panel members have access to all preliminary review reports before or at the latest during the panel meeting.

The panel will assemble to discuss the applications assigned to it. It will also make a consensus decision on the application ratings. Based on the discussion and preliminary review reports, the panel prepares a collective review report on each application. Finally, the panel will rank the top rating applications, with the exception of strategic research reviews.

The Academy officials participate in panel work by helping the external experts. If need be, the Academy staff will help the panels in writing the final review report. The officials also make sure that all applicants are treated equally and according to the same criteria. 

We ask for the reviewers’ consent to taking on the assignment. The principles of the Academy review process are explained to them, and they commit to professional secrecy while they act as experts. 

Experts participating in reviews

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