Progress report and interim report

If an applicant has ongoing Academy funding for which no final report has yet been submitted, the applicant must fill in a progress report on each unreported funding decision as part of the application. This does not apply to applicants acting as the responsible person in funding schemes where the funding recipient is an organisation. In the progress report, describe the progress and/or key achievements of the project and how the project is related to the funding being applied for. See more detailed instructions in the guidelines on the progress report.

Applicants can also fill in an interim report in the Academy’s online services. An interim report may be required in some Academy funding schemes. To fill in the interim report, go to the tab ‘Reports’ under the original funding decision. Select ‘Show projects to be reported’ (if reporting has not been started) or continue filling in an incomplete report. Fill in the required information and submit the report.

The interim report does not replace the final report, but an interim report submitted earlier can be used as the basis for a new interim or final report.

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