What’s new in the Academy of Finland’s funding terms and conditions for 2022–2023

Funding decisions made previously are subject to the terms and conditions attached to the decision.

Below is a summary describing what’s new in the latest funding terms and conditions. The numbers refer to the sections in the document.

4. Costs of foreign scientists’ research visits to or research in Finland [specifications added]

5.1 Guilty of illegal employment [new section]

5.4 EU sanctions regulations [new section]

In accordance with the sanctions referred to, the Academy of Finland seeks to ensure that no funds granted by it are used directly or indirectly to support individuals or entities designated by the UN or the EU as being subject to sanctions against Russia and Belarus.

5.5.1 Open access to peer-reviewed scientific articles [specifications added]

“It is not necessary to ask permission from the Academy for the use of permitted licences. This will be applied retroactively to Academy funding decisions made after 2 November 2020.”

5.6 Export of dual-use goods [new section]

This is based on an EU regulation on the control of exports, transfer, brokering and transit of dual-use items.

8.1 General principles [specifications added]

“With regard to the projects of the Academy Programme for Development Research, the practices agreed jointly between the Academy and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs concerning cooperation between the Finnish and foreign sites of research may also be applied.”

9. Hiring staff [specifications added]

Specifications added with regard to purchased services.

9.2 Academy Research Fellowships (first call in autumn 2022, decisions in spring 2023) [new item]

This new section applies to the new funding scheme for Academy Research Fellowships.

9.3 Salary of principal investigator [specifications added]

10. Acquisitions with Academy funding [specifications added]

10.1 Managing fixed assets [specifications added]

The specification concerns research infrastructures.

11. Changes to funding decisions [specifications added]

14. Reporting [specifications added]

A reference to the reporting of special funding based on the EU Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF) has been added.

14.2 Auditor’s report [specifications added]

15.1 Advance payments [specifications added]

15.2 Requests for payment [specifications added]

16.5 Overheads percentage [specifications added]

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